Episode #13: West Coaster Magazine, Part 1

West Coaster Magazine


San Diego craft beer is not just about the breweries.  I interview Mike Shess from the West Coaster Magazine, who with his partner Ryan Lamb, single-handedly created the first magazine focusing solely on the craft beer scene in San Diego.  This 3-hour interview has been split into two parts so save your sanity.  You will hear the next part next week.


Even though we talked for 3 hours, we could have kept going for another two.  Mike loves to talk beer and with the help of a few members from the San Diego Craft Brew Society, we talked about many interesting things.  We talk about the beginnings of the West Coaster and the beginnings of a few new breweries in San Diego.  The West Coaster has a list of breweries and we discuss about the 100th brewery in San Diego and why some don’t like the answer.  Mike talks about beer in media and how San Diego needs to do a better job of covering the craft.  Would the West Coaster sell out to a big magazine corporation like Conde Nast?  Best taco shop in San Diego?  And what the heck is “Dude, Where’s My Phone?”  Find out in part one of Episode 13.



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2 thoughts on “Episode #13: West Coaster Magazine, Part 1

    • Hey Jeffrey!

      Thanks for the feedback! Yes, it’s very easy to go from newest to oldest. Mike is a wealth of knowledge and I swear we could have talked for another hour or two.


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