Episode #12: Kings of the Craft



Episode 12 is a little different from other episodes, we interview Eduardo Castro Fonseca and Steven Moyer from Kings of the Craft.  Kings of the Craft is a documentary that is going to air on KPBS starting on May 21st.


We talk about the documentary and how it has come together, who is on the show, and how it grew from a school project to full fledged documentary.  We also talk about the KickStarter campaign that will start March 1st to help fund some of the work that has already been done on the show and the possibility of a second season.  At least one of the rewards for pledging on KickStarter will be Bullets2Bandages, a .50 caliber bullet that is turned into a bottle opener.  We also happen to talk about San Diego and how it has become THE best place for craft beer.  And that damn Super Bowl commercial comes back to life too, Eduardo and Steven talk about what they thought of the ad and if it was a good thing for craft beer or not.


All music is from The Routine. Check them out and go to a show!


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