Episode #6 – Brew-It-Yourself



Greg and Hooker continue the recording day by serving up a second episode.  After recording the show with Bine and Vine, we had on a special guest.  In this episode we interview Jenny Seaboldt from Brew-It-Yourself and talk about how homebrewers can brew without having to buy equipment and take up space in their apartment or house.  Brew-It-Yourself allows you to brew at Helm’s Brewing Co. but the nice part is BIY will have the grains, hops, yeast, and equipment easy for you when you get there.

BIY’s next session is on October 18th, 2014 and they are brewing up a 10-gallon all-grain Pale Ale.  You can buy tickets here:


These events are great for a bachelor party, bachelorette party, a date out with a significant other, or just to have fun with a bunch of cool people.  BIY will even store the carboy when it ferments and help you bottle it up when it’s ready for bottle conditioning.


This interview is a little different.  For the most part Hooker and Jenny take the reins and talk a little bit about homebrewing and how you can homebrew without the need of buying your own equipment.  However this show, like some in the past, goes a little off track.  The girls talk about how to keep your feet dry and clean, talk about childbirth, and something about sister-wives???  I pretty much sit back and try to ask pertinent questions.  You’ve been warned!


All music is from The Routine. Check them out and go to a show!


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