Episode #5: Bine & Vine Bottle Shop

B&V 3rd Anniversary ale


Greg and Hooker (who was supposed to be MIA) talk to an honest, amazing craft beer entrepreneur.  We interview Geoi Bachoua of Bine & Vine Bottle Shop.  This is a premiere bottle shop in the Normal Heights area of San Diego.  To help out with this episode I asked a few San Diego craft beer experts to join us.  We are joined by Cody Thompson from the Three B Zine podcast and blog and Brian from Sore Eye Sports and the Sore Eye Cup Awards.  That’s a ton of San Diego craft beer knowledge at one table.


We talk about how Geoi got started and how he has become one of the best places to go for great craft beer from all over the world.  You will hear his passion and find he sticks to his morals about his shop and his beer.  You might also notice that there is something in this episode that you haven’t heard before.  Yes, this is the first podcast where I have beeped the audio.  No, you still have all the cussing you are used to, but let’s just say that what I bleeped is because there is a certain brewery that might take offense to what we were talking about.  You can go ahead and guess all you want, I will not reveal the secret.  Craft beer is not all smiles and unicorns, it is a business after all.  So we had to keep the name off the show to protect the innocent from possible repercussions.  Other than that this is just like any other show, lots of good beer knowledge and lots of side conversation.


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