Episode #2: The Homebrewer & Home Brewing Co.



Our second episode of San Diego BeerTalk Radio is a little different. We interviewed Molly and George Thornton from the Homebrewer and the future Home Brewing Co. We discuss homebrewing and the brewing terms you might hear when a brewer is talking beer. Hear Greg and Hooker (Melinda Hooker) with our honest and wacky show all about San Diego Beer.


A welding fire burns Ret ‘N Reckless. You can also help them rebuild on their Kickstarter campaign.

Stone raised over $2.5M on their Indiegogo campaign.

California signs bill (re)allowing homebrewing sharing events.


Molly and George Thornton talk about what it took to open the Homebrewer. Also talk about women in brewing, becoming a cicerone and sommelier, and all about brewing terms.


All music is from The Routine. Check them out and go to a show!


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